American Young Coder (AYC) Logic Coding and Digital Art online school was founded by Gamas Chang. He is a veteran Software Engineer who have decades of experience developing enterprise softwares in Fortune 100 companies such as Walt Disney, Dream works Animation and HBO.

This school was initially started when Gamas wanted to teach his daughter computer coding. He knew computer knowledge and skills are essentials in this modern digital centric world. The job market for computer related jobs were and always strong. Aside from job market, learning computer coding also train problem solving skills to kids. And he wanted to introduce these to his daughter.

He wanted to teach his daughter computer coding regularly and consistently every week. He invited her friend to study computer coding together with her for FREE because he thought learning together with friends is easier and more fun. This was back in 2017. Not long after that, from word of mouth, from teaching only 2 kids (my daughter and her friend), it grew to teach 6 students. And just like a snow ball effect, it continues to grow into 40. The demand continues to grow as more and more parents in my local area realize the variety of coding courses my school provided.

Now my daughter has grown up and has learned all programming languages that we offer in our school. And I am proud that my school has taught hundreds of satisfied students online throughout the years.

Please let us know how we can help your kids by reserving a FREE Introductory Coding Class.

We are located in Los Angeles County, California.

AYC Logic Coding and Digital Art School

9127 Ardendale Avenue
San Gabriel, CA 91775
(626) 532-7844