Crystal Chong Secures Top 3 Spot in Ignite CS Competition


Kudos to Crystal Chong (8th grade) for clinching 3rd place in the Ignite CS Programming Expo 2023 for category “Mobile and Web” category.

Crystal won 3rd place by creating an Android app called “Music Healing”. The Android app was crafted using Java 17 programming language and Media3 Exoplayer Music Player and Android Studio. This simplistic app gifts users with a collection of calming and soothing tunes from Free Music Archive . The knowledge amassed fromIntro To Java and Android Game Dev courses empowered Crystal to bring ‘Music Healing’ to life.

Since 5th grade, Crystal has embarked on her coding journey at American Young Coder (AYC) Logic coding school, diving into courses like Intro To Python, Python Game Development, Adv Python Game Development, Intro To Java, and now Android Game Dev. Her exemplary performance across these courses reflects her prowess in Python and Java programming languages. The journey showcased her consistent academic excellence and remarkable project accomplishments, including a platform game crafted in 2020.

At AYC Logic coding school, we nurture the future tech maestros. Our curriculum is tailored to unleash the creative and intellectual prowess of youngsters, guiding them through the fascinating world of game and app creation, just like what Crystal has achieved. By delving into popular, in-demand programming languages like Python and Java, we equip them with essential problem-solving skills inherent to coding. Seize the opportunity to unveil your child’s potential – book a FREE coding demo now and embark on a journey toward a boundless future..