Competitive programming is an art form. It’s creative problem-solving at its finest, a combination of hard analytical thinking and creativity.

Competitive programmers use their knowledge of algorithms and data structures and logical reasoning skills to solve challenging algorithmic problems in a limited time frame.

In Intro To Competitive Programming will gain these advantages

  1. Prepare them for AP Computer Science class in high school.
  2. This class is a prerequisite for USA Coding Olympiad (USACO) training course in my school.
  3. If they participate in USACO in the future and able to get to silver or gold level, they can get to prestigious colleges easier for Computer Science major.
  4. Great interview training for their future Software Engineering jobs.
  5. This is an advanced coding program similar to AP Computer Science class in High school and also to help prepare kids for taking the next course of USACO training course
  6. Students will learn different computer algorithms and data structures.
  7. Students will learn to solve complex problems.

Taught by real world engineers who have worked in prestigious places such as Google, Disney.

This class focus on data structures and algorithms required for solving problems.

Students will learn the following

  1. Introduction to Data Structures
    • Lists
    • Arrays
    • Dictionary / Map
    • Tuple
    • Set
    • Tree
  2. Algorithms
    • Search algorithms
      • Complete Search
      • Recursion
      • Binary Search
    • Sorting algorithms
      • Bubble Sort
      • Quick Sort
      • Insertion Sort
      • MergeSort
    • Graph algorithms
      • Depth First Search
      • Breadth First Search
    • Greedy algorithm


There are two different courses, one taught in Java and one taught in Python:

Using Java programming language

  1. Completion of Introduction to Java course.
  2. Courses will be taught in Java programming language, therefore strong Java programming language skillset is required.

Using Python programming language

  1. Completion of Introduction To Python and Object Oriented Programming With Python courses.
  2. Courses will be taught in Python programming language, therefore strong Python programming language skillset is required.

Tuition Fee

  1. Price: $35 / hour or $140 / month (4 weeks in a month)
  2. Small online group class with live teacher: 4 to 6 students / class
  3. New student registration fee: $25.


  1. This class will take about 3 months (2 hours per week) to complete.
  2. There are no make up class for this class. If the student don’t come to the class, he/she will lose the credit. However, a recording for this class will be provided.
  3. There will be homework every week. Parents are encouraged to remind kids to do their homework every week. If they don’t try their homework, they will get left behind. If they need help with their homework, they can email the instructor’s emails.
  4. That will be one final exam at the end of the class. Students that pass the exam can join the training class for USACO Bronze.

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