In Introduction to Python class, students will learn the following

  1. Learn Variables and Data Types
  2. Learn about conditional statements
  3. Learn about control flows
  4. Learn about functions.
  5. Learn about Random Python module.
    1. Create Magic 8 Ball game.
    2. Create hangman game
    3. Create Password generator program.
  6. Learn about Turtle Python module to do drawing in Python.
    1. Create robot builder project.
    2. Create kaleido spiral project.
    3. Create Starry night project.
  7. Learn to create command line program that can do food recommendation.

Prerequisites: Coding in Scratch Level 2 or familiarity with other computer programming languages like Java or JavaScript.

Check out the video below to understand more about our projects

Below are some of the Python final projects done by elementary and middle schools kids