1. You must print two lines of output:

    1. Print Hello, World. on the first line.
    2. Print Hello, Java. on the second line.


Hello, World.
Hello, Java.

2. Int Data Type

  1. Create an Integer variable, x, with a value of 10.
  2. Create another Integer variable, y, with a value of 20.
  3. Create another Integer variable, result, with a value of x + y.
  4. Print the result to the shell.



3. String Data Type

  1. Create a String variable, street, with a value of “9127 Ardendale Avenue”.
  2. Create a String variable, city, with a value of “San Gabriel”
  3. Create a String variable, state, with a value of “CA”
  4. Create a String variable, fullAddress, which is a combination of street, city and state variables. Each variable has to be separated with comma.
  5. Print the result to the shell


9127 Ardendale Avenue, San Gabriel, CA

4. Get Input From User

  1. Print to shell, “What is your name? “.
  2. Take user input from the shell and save it to variable fullName.
  3. Print to the shell combination of “Hi “, fullName, “, welcome to AYCLOGIC.”
  4. For example if the user enters “John”, then the program will print “Hi John, welcome to AYCLOGIC.”


What is your name? John

Hi John welcome to AYCLOGIC.