Unity Game Development Course

In Unity Game Development course, you will learn the basics of developing with the Unity game engine. 88% of top 1000 games are using Unity to grow. Unity is a free Game Engine that is used by many famous developers to make some of your favorite games such as:

It is a very powerful game developing platform that provides its own physics engine and many other tools to aid in creating both 2D and 3D games across all platforms from mobile to desktop to console.

What you will learn

We will start by learning how to create 2D games like in Python Game Development but also learn about Unity’s built in tools such as its animator and tile map systems to enhance the development process. After that we will make the jump to 3D with an infinite runner game, “The Car Game”. We will also be learning how to implement ways to save user data so players can return to where they left off after leaving. After this, we will learn how to export our creations onto the web and play on a browser as well as on Android devices.

Tuition Fee
  1. Price: $35/hour OR $140 / month (4 weeks in a month)
  2. Small online group class with live teacher: 4 to 6 students / class
  3. New student registration fee: $25.
Class Syllabus
  1. C# language (very similar to Java). This is not an introduction to C# or Java course. Students are expected to already know some Java or C# or Python. We offer Intro To Java course if your kids want to learn Java.
  2. Two Projects
    1. 2D Platforming Game
      1. How to Animate using a sprite sheet
      2. How to use Unity’s animator state machine
      3. How to create a pause menu
      4. Multiple Levels
      5. Enemies
    2. 3D “The Car Game”
      1. How do the 3d systems work
      2. Save user data:
        1. Game Settings
        2. Currency/More important data
  3. Storing Player Data across sessions
    1. Playerprefs
    2. XML Serialization
  4. Exporting
    1. Desktop Application
    2. Android
    3. iOS

2D Platform Game

3D Car Android or iPhone Mobile Game


  1. Completion of Intro to Java course with AYC Logic coding school.
  2. Or familiarity with C# or Java or strong familiarity with Python programming languages.


  1. This class will take about 6 months (once a week) to complete or about 24 sessions. For younger students, elementary students, we might add a couple of sessions depending on their level of understanding.
  2. There are no make up class for this class. If the student don’t come to the class, he/she will lose the credit. However, a recording for this class will be provided.
  3. Refund request has to be made 2 weeks in advance to be honored.
  4. Tools and Editor you need to download and install
    1. https://unity.com/download
      1. Downloading Unity Hub first
    2. https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/community/
      1. Download Visual Studio Community Edition
  5. There will be homework every week. Parents are encouraged to remind kids to do their homework every week. If they don’t try their homework, they will get left behind. If they need help with their homework, they can email the instructor’s emails.