Python Project Criterias

  1. It needs to have a combination of rectangles, circles, and polygons.
  2. It needs to have at least one text that is formed by a combination of rectangles or circles or polygons.
  3. It needs to have some part of the illustration that keeps changing the colors.
  4. The X and Y coordinates need to be between -500 to 500.
  5. The illustration needs to be fairly complex. If it is too simple, then you will not get the maximum grade.
  6. There needs to be at least 7 different objects/characters in the final project
  7. There need to be at least four functions to draw specific polygons with different coordinates and colors. For example, draw_cloud(x,y, color), draw_tree(x,y, color), draw_airplane(x,y, color). The more functions like this, the higher your grades.
  8. No code duplication.
  9. The final result has to be the same as the proposal.

Look below for what other students have done in the past: