Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming technique that encourage code reusability and code modularity. It is a programming technique that is essentials in a modern software engineering world. Without it, code would be hard to maintain and hard to improve.

In Python OOP course, students will learn the following concepts:

  1. Class and objects.
    1. How to create Class constructor
    2. How to create Class attributes
    3. How to create Class methods
    4. Understanding static variables vs class attributes vs local variables.
  2.  Inheritance.
      1. How to access parent’s attributes
      2. How to access parent’s methods
      3. How to override parent’s methods.
  3. Dictionary.
  4. Learn how to use popular Python editor Pycharm.
  5. Create command line application such as
    1. School Student Teacher System,
    2. Monster Inheritance simple game.

Tuition Fee

  1. Price: $30 / hour or $120 / month (4 weeks in a month)
  2. Small online group class with live teacher: 4 to 6 students / class.
  3. New student registration fee: $25.



Completion of Introduction To Python course

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Text Book

Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition by Eric Matthes


  1. This class will take about 6 months (once a week) to complete or about 24 sessions. For younger students, elementary students, we might add a couple of sessions depending on their level of understanding.
  2. We make recording for all of our class sessions. This is for the purpose of students who have to miss class.
  3. There are no make up class for this class. If the student don’t come to the class, he/she will lose the credit. However, a recording for this class will be provided.
  4. Refund request has to be made 2 weeks in advance to be honored.
  5. There will be homework every week. Parents are encouraged to remind kids to do their homework every week. If they don’t try their homework, they will get left behind. If they need help with their homework, they can email the instructor’s emails.
  6. The grading will be according to the following criteria
    • 1 in-class final test (2 hours): 100%
  7. To graduate from the class, your students need to get 70% from the cumulative grades.

Software Requirements

Download and Install the following in their computers.

  1. Python 3.11 or newer from https://www.python.org/downloads/
  2. Pycharm community edition from https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/download . Please download the COMMUNITY edition which is the FREE version. DO NOT download the Professional edition as this one is a commercial non-FREE version.