After completing Object Oriented Programming With Python course, students now can enroll in Python Game Development using Pygame:

  1. Object-Oriented Programming pattern.
  2. Python game engine (Pygame)
  3. Learn how to use Git repository.
  4. Creating complex games such as:
    1. Shooting games.
    2. Dragon vs Birdie
    3. Flappy Bird

Prerequisites: Object Oriented Programming With Python

Dragon vs Birdie

Flappy Duck Game

Projects created by our students

Sky Bird by Bill Han and Alex Kwan – High School

Platform runner by Dylan Truong

Lava Joomp by Jessica and Amanda

Zombie Nano Virus H1 by Brandon Truong and Nathaniel Leonard

Installing Python and Pycharm

  1. Install Python 3.7:
  2. Install Pycharm: