After completing Object Oriented Programming With Python course, students now can enroll in Python Game Development using Pygame :

  1. Price: $30 / hour or $120 / month (4 weeks in a month)
  2. Small online group class with live teacher: 4 to 6 students / class
  3. Object-Oriented Programming pattern.
  4. Python game engine (Pygame)
  5. Utilized popular Python editor:
  6. Learn how to use popular Git repository via Gitlab:
  7. Creating complex games such as:
    1. Shooting Balloon games.
    2. Dragon vs Birdie
    3. Flappy Bird
  8. Working in team creating a custom game according to students’ desired.

Prerequisites: Object Oriented Programming With Python

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Dragon vs Birdie

Flappy Duck Game

Projects created by our students

Full list of games made by my students

Tower Of Defense by Warren Han – Elementary School

Sky Bird by Bill Han and Alex Kwan – High School

Platform runner by Dylan Truong

Lava Joomp by Jessica and Amanda – Middle School

Zombie Nano Virus H1 by Brandon Truong and Nathaniel Leonard – High School