Coding Instructors

Gamas Chang is the founder and the principal instructor in AYC Logic coding academy. He is a veteran Software Architect and Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in Software industries. He has worked in several major studios in Southern California such as Walt Disney Studios, Dreamworks Animation (Studio that made Shrek and Kung Fu Panda animation movies), and HBO (Studio that made Game of Thrones). You can be confident that you are getting the best education for you and your kids to learn Computer Programming and Software Development.



Latisha is a Software Developer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2022. She works with Python and C++. She is a graduate of the Girls Who Code immersion program, where she learned to use Python, C#, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. She currently works on LLNL’s Deterministic Transport team, developing the 3D neutron and gamma particle transport code Ardra.

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Sebastian Cevallos

Sebastian is a Computer Science major at UCLA. He writes most of his programs in Python and enjoys learning popular JavaScript frameworks to develop websites, but is also familiar with C++ and Java. Sebastian worked two internships at Jet Propulsion Laboratory before joining AYCLogic, where he assisted in research for the CGAN machine learning architecture and developed scripts to parse satellite data for the Lunar Trailblazer Mission (both using Python). While interning as a website developer at a start-up company which aimed to connect underrepresented community members to jobs, he became familiar with the MERN stack (a collection of JavaScript frameworks which enables full-stack website development).

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Shawn is a Computer Science major at UCLA. He has extensively used Python, including working in data science engineer at a weather forecasting startup, in competitive programming, in several clubs at UCLA (Rocket Project and CruX), and while leading a coding club at his former high school. He’s also proficient in C++, having used it in USACO (Silver) and Arduino coding, and Java, having created several personal projects using the language. He has also explored web development, being familiar with HTML/CSS/JS as well as frontend frameworks such as React.js. He’s also won Stanford Treehacks, in which he implemented a dev tool using machine learning – .
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Juan is a Computer Science major at UCLA. He enjoys coding in Python, C++, and JavaScript. During the summer of 2022, Juan held a Software Engineering internship for UCLA’s Office of Advanced Research Computing, where he deployed website applications in Python to visualize research-based datasets. On his free time, Juan enjoys working on personal projects to extend his skillset in programming, primarily in game development. Some of his projects include a 2D sprite-animated fighter, made in Python, and a 3D animated plane game.


William is a Computer Science major at UCLA. He is fluent in Java, Python, and C++, and has completed several projects in each language, such as a Mario Party remake. At UCLA he is involved with the Grace On Campus Web Development team and Rocket Project, programming a live video system for Arduino. In the past he competed in the CyberPatriot cybersecurity competition, becoming a 5x National Finalist. Currently, he is exploring web development, artificial intelligence, and mobile app development.
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Bill is a student currently attending UCI. He has mastered the Python programming language and is also proficient in Java, C#, and C++. Bill has created several complex computer games such as Bird Fighting Games and Tank Wars. Please look at below video. As a hobby, he makes multiplayer games in the Unity engine. Outside of computer science, he is an Eagle Scout of Troop 174. Bill has also participated in speech and debate with an outside academy. He has basic knowledge of 3-D modeling software such as Blender, SolidWorks and Sketch Up. He is currently teaching Scratch and Python programming languages in AYCLOGIC Coding and Digital Illustration School.


Allison Lee

Allison is studying computer science at UC Riverside. Coding languages she enjoys include Python and C++. As an aspiring software and game developer, she is interested in exploring game design, AI development, and cybersecurity. Her team has won first place in their class category at the UCR CTF Cybersecurity competition. In her spare time she enjoys joining game jams, participating in art competitions, creating graphic design posters for organizations, as well as other arts and crafts.




Darin is an aspiring Computer Science major at De Anza College. He is proficient in multiple languages including Python, C, C++, Java, and has experience in web development utilizing frameworks such as Flask (Python) and jQuery (JavaScript). He is currently doing research over the summer at the SJSU ICANN Lab in analyzing Tik-Tok credibility through data collection, labelling, and utilization of transformer models. He’s a part of multiple CS clubs on his campus including the De Anza Web Developers as President, and the De Anza Engineering Society as a project lead working on building a miniature self driving car, specifically leading the object detection team that’s building a neural network from scratch. Outside of Computer Science, he loves to play the piano and guitar as well as basketball.

Joel is an avid programmer that is currently an undergraduate computer science student at Bina Nusantara University (Binus). He is proficient in many programming languages such as Python, Java, and C/C++. He has a very good grasp of object-oriented programming and algorithms. Additionally, he takes great interest in competitive programming and loves solving coding problems that test the limits of his algorithmic ability. When he isn’t coding, he enjoys playing the piano and the violin as a pastime. 



Scratch Coding Instructors

For Scratch Level 1 and Level 2 coding instructors, aside from Gamas Chang, we have several gifted High School students who will be teaching these Scratch courses. Whichever instructor you are getting, you will be taught the same high quality curriculum. These Scratch curriculums are designed to prepare kids to eventually learn Python and Java programming languages.

Animation Instructor

Linius Gunardi is a professional animator, shot creator as well as Post Visualization (postvis) artist whose contribution can be seen in many box office movies such as Shang Chi: The Legend of The Ten Rings, Wanda Vision, Ms. Marvel, and some up-coming movies. 

At the beginning of his career he worked as a motion graphic artist in Indonesia. His works were  displayed on local television and many social events. As her passion for art and movies grew, he decided to move to the United States of America to pursue his career as a professional animator. After he graduated from Academy of Art University ( in 2016 he started his career with well known companies in the industry such as Pixomondo, Digital Frontier, and The Third Floor inc.




Digital Art Instructors

Hannah Hadi is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in graphic design. When she is not teaching Art classes in AYCLOGIC, she loves to get excited about anime, go on outdoor hikes and runs, and talk story with her friends over bubble tea. Check out her portfolio page in here



Abigail Chang is a freelancer digital illustrator and video editor. She has won multiple drawing competitions in the past. When she is not teaching digital illustration class in AYCLOGIC, she likes to watch Japanese Anime, playing piano and occasionally playing guitar. And of course she also like to design and create anime characters. Check out her portfolio page in here