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Patrick ChanPatrick Chan
04:57 20 Oct 22
One of the best coding classesthat my son has ever taken. This class helps him to understand the fundamental and logic around the coding and be able to apply the proper algorithm to his coding now. (The other python coding classes that he previously took them only covered the surface level) He really enjoys the coding class.
Aaron s2Aaron s2
22:29 18 Oct 22
This school is amazing! The teachers are great and my son loves his classes. The classes are always interesting and entertaining and the lessons are taught throughly. Coding is very important to children this generation and I think that learning code from this school can impact my child and many other children‘s future for the better. 😃
Grace TingGrace Ting
19:23 13 Sep 22
My now 13 y.o. son started taking virtual coding classes over the past 18 months with AYC logic. He has coded in Scratch and basic Java previously through other camps/organizations, but did not find the courses challenging enough. He has really loved classes through AYC Logic because the class size is smaller and much more interactive with the instructor. He has taken Python, Intermediate Python, Object Oriented Programming and now is in a training class for USA Computing Olympiad with AYC Logic. The instructors have been ALL very knowledgeable and great at working with the students.As a parent, I love that there is homework every week that reinforces the lesson concepts, and that there is a course final to ensure that course mastery and skills retention. My son is actually very busy with many other extracurricular activities, so he does not take a coding course every cycle. However, what he has learned through AYC Logic is so solid that when he returns to the next class in the series, there is very little knowledge loss. We highly recommend this tech education company!
Wendy YuWendy Yu
07:22 18 Jul 22
My son absolutely loves the coding lessons. With the guidance from Mr. Sugi, he can develop to his full potential. It also helps him excel in IT in school. He has better idea of his career prospects in IT.
Dewi SastroDewi Sastro
01:30 18 Jul 22
Coding, a computer language, is such an important skill to learn right now. My son has joined his 3rd course with AYCLOGIC. The best thing about AYCLOGIC is that they have a clear pathway for the children to know what’s the next level they can advance to. My son really enjoys the classes.
Intan AprilliaIntan Aprillia
13:44 16 Jul 22
My son finds coding more engaging here with AYCLOGIC and he enjoys learning it. The tutors are patient and informative. My son had tried other coding classes in other places before but quit after a short while, but in AYCLOGIC he is happy. He has been having his coding learning for more than one year now with a good track of skill improvement. Thank you AYCLOGIC.
January TsangJanuary Tsang
19:22 08 Jun 22
My son 1st experience with AYCLOGIC was doing the basic coding Scratch. He loved it and has continued on to the different levels of coding. He learned Python and is currently doing JAVA. AYCLOGIC has great instructors. They all have a lot of experience and they take the time to explain to the students step by step. Their pricing is very competitive. I also like the option that my son can attend the class onsite or remote. If you have a child interested in coding, definitely give AYCLOGIC a call or email.
Julia RitoJulia Rito
01:17 23 Jan 22
My son started this coding class with Mr. Gamas for 6 months now. He really enjoys it. Mr. Gamas makes the class not only educational but also fun for the kids. I’d highly recommend it!