Advanced Python Game Development

After completing Python Game Development course, students now can enroll in Advanced Python Game Development:

In here the students will learn the following

  1. Object-Oriented Programming pattern.
  2. Python game engine (Pygame)
  3. Utilized popular Python editor:
  4. Learn how to use popular Git repository via Gitlab:
  5. Utilized High school level Trigonometry and Geometry to figure out the angle of trajectory.
  6. Utilized Class inheritance to avoid code duplication.
  7. Using open source Artificial Interface (AI) library to control computer enemy sprite to find the best path/route to get the player.

Java Android Game Development

Introduction to Java class or previous strong understanding of Java programming languages. Below is Birdie Mobile android app that your student will learn to create.

In this course, your kids will learn how to do the following:

  1. Create Android Game using Java and Android Studio.
  2. Create multiple pages Android app.
  3. How to store and retrieve information from Android storage.
  4. How to create 2D animation from series of images.
  5. How to do collision detection between sprites.
  6. How to refresh/repaint screen using Android Canvas.
  7. How to detect single and multiple touch/motion on Android screen.
  8. How to share and deploy Android app with friends.
  9. Deployment guide to publish to “Play Store”.