Final Python Projects Jul/Aug 2020

I’m so proud of these elementary and middle school kids who made these digital drawings using Python.

  1. Dylan Troung, Middle School
  2. Amber Kuo, Elementary School
  3. Nathan Troung, Middle School
  4. Max Shen, Elementary School
  5. Abigail Kusdono, Middle School
  6. Kyle Lieu, Middle School
  7. Warren Han, Elementary School

Good job kids! Can’t wait to see your next projects!

Intro To Python Final Projects

I want to share these amazing Python final projects which were made by elementary and middle school students.

Thank you for these amazing kids who made these projects

  1. Zachary Leonard  – Fireplace with Santa’s leg hanging
  2. Nathaniel Leonard – Christmas Tree in front of window and fireplace
  3. Brandon Truong – Big fireplace with blinking lights
  4. Nathan Truong – Christmas tree
  5. Jasmine Lin – Winnie the Pooh – Hunny
  6. Crystal Chong – Book – Life
  7. Bradley Utomo – Ferrari
  8. Raelyn Wijaya – Bunny

These projects are made by Python 3 with Turtle module.