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5 PM – Python Game Dev – Bill

September 23, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Gamas Sub

Today We Did
  1. We reviewed some of the missing components on Nicholas and Leon games.
  2. We continued with the Shoot Balloon game
    1. We added the ability to pop all the good balloons when the bug is killed.
  1. Leon: add the following missing features in your spaceship game.
    1. Title image in the landing page. Or it could be a big font with your game title.
    2. Create a credit page and add the button in landing page.
    3. Add count down timer.
    4. When count down timer goes to 0, display WIN page.
    5. Create Win page obviously and in the win page there should be play and credit button.
    6. Change the Font colors of the scores, lives.
    7. In the Game lost page, display the play button and credit button.. When play button is clicked, reset the scores and timer and start the game again.
    8. Use sound effects in your game ( :
      1. Add sound effect when the player is launching projectile.
      2. Add sound effect when the enemy is destroyed.
  2. Nicholas: add the following missing features in your sea swamp game.
    1. The credit page, the game advisor is supposed to be Bill Han.
    2. Use sound effects in your game ( : when you pop the fish
    3. In the win page, centered the buttons.
    4. In the win page, show the score.
    5. Add background sound. Go to to find a free and legal to use background song.
  3. Shoot Balloon homeworks
    1. When the bug is killed play the assets/collect5.wav
    2. Add the play button on the landing page.
    3. When the bug is off the screen, kill it.
    4. When the bug appear, play the assets/bug/birdchipr2.wav. And when the bug is killed, you need to stop the sound effect.


September 23, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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