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5 PM – Python OOP – Darin

January 22 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Today We Did

  1. Continued the Monster Inheritance project, where now we are able to fight the monsters by playing as a character we created by making a self.player_name and self.player_health attribute in the monster_system file.
  2. Created the functionality to do sword damage to the monsters of our choosing, and reduce their health.


START and complete the final practice quiz shared to your email (I also shared it in the class in the chat), it will take about one hour, and remember that the final itself will NOT be open-book. (if you don’t have the quiz, or can’t access it, let me know in the email as soon as possible)

Re-Upload,,,, and into your folder called MonsterInheritance on the google drive.

  1. Follow the same instructions from the previous week’s homework instructions (, and if your program still doesn’t work, ask me questions on email on your errors, and refer to the google drive where I upload the class notes (email me asking for the link if you don’t have the link)
  2. In the code for each inherited monster class, use this instead:
    super().receive_magic_attack(damage_point, magic_type)

    Because the parent method is supposed to take only one parameter.

  3. I will email both of you two on the errors in your program by tomorrow midnight (23 January), so check your email afterwards!


If you have any questions, email me at !!


January 22
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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