Intro To Java – Summer 2023 – Online Via Zoom

June 23 to August 28, 2023 – TUE & FRI, 5 PM to 7 PM. No class on June 30, July 4th and July 7th.

  •  Online Via Zoom with a live American teacher.
  • School Fee: $1020 – 17 sessions (two-hour/session).
  • New Student Registration Fee: $25. Waived for existing students or if enrolled before June 1st.
  •  Instructor:
  •  We provide FREE coding demo, please make reservation here.

Why do you want to learn Java? Here are several reasons to consider:

  1. There are 9.4 million software engineers using Java.
  2. There are 60 billion devices that are using Java .
  3. Minecraft game which commands 112 million players every month is made in Java. AYC Logic Coding and Digital Illustration school offer minecraft modding class by the way.
  4. Many big companies utilize Java: Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more.
  5. Mars Rover robot is using Java.
  6. All of our Android cellphone devices are using Java.
  7. Many big companies willing to pay a lot of money:

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Students will learn the following:

  1. Data types
  2. How to get input from console.
  3. Control Flows
    1. if else statements
    2. loops: for loop, while loop
  4. Collection API:
    1. List
    2. Map
  5. Random number generator.
  6. Object Oriented Programming (OOP):
    1. Classes, Objects and Methods
    2. Inheritance
  7. Projects
    1. SchoolSystem – a system that can keep track of students and teacher informations. This project will utilize Classes, Objects, methods, List and Map concepts.
    2. MonsterAdventure Game – a simple console based game where user will be able to fight different monsters such as dragon, troll, water golem using different types of magic attacks: fire, water, earth, wind magic. Some monster like dragon will have immunity against fire magic attack. This project will utilize Class, Objects, methods, Map, Random generator and Inheritance concepts.
    3. Bank System where user can create a new account, deposit and withdraw money.
  8. Small Android mobile application – Temperature Converter
    1. This simple android app will enable user to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celcius, Celcius to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheith to Kelvin. This is a real android application using Java and Android studio that is deployable to real android phone.
  9. Utilize Java 17, IntelliJ Java Editor and Android Studio.

This is a 34 hours course.

This class is the prerequisite of Minecraft Modding using Java course and Android Game Development course.