In Coding with Scratch language Level 1 you will learn the following

  1. Basic Computer Programming
  2. Basic Programing Control Flow such as: For loop, while loop.
  3. Basic Programing Conditional Statements: If-Then, If-Then-Else Statements
  4. Broadcast and receive messages between sprites
  5. Using Variables in your games

Your kids will learn all of the above by having fun creating the following in Scratch:

1. Animation
2. Games
3. Simulation

YES! Your kids can do all of these through our excellent instructor led course. First lesson is FREE.

This is a 12 sessions course, one meeting per week. Minimum age is 8 years old.

Prerequisite: None.

Please contact us for scheduling

Contact or call at 626-532-7844 to find out more about this classes.