1. Download Python 3.7 from here:
    1. WINDOWS machine:
    2. MAC / Apple machine:
  2. Choose “Customize installation” and make sure you select “Install launcher for all users (recommended)” checkbox.
  3.  In the “Optional Features”, window select the following checkboxes
  4. In The “Advanced Options” window, select “Install for all users” checkbox. Make sure under “Customize install location”, it says “C:\Program Files\Python37”
  5.  When Prompted if you want to allow this application to make changes, click “Yes”.
  6. After the installation is completed. In your windows search field in the bottom left corner, type in “cmd” and press enter. Look at screenshot below
  7. In the command line, type in “python –version” and you should see “Python 3.7.0” . This means your installation is successful.