According to, Java Developer in 2021 is ranked number 1 in term of Job salary, Job satisfaction and number of openings. The average US Java developers salary in 2021 is about $90,000. And job satisfaction is 4.2/5 and number of openings is about 10,000 openings. If we combined the all other software engineering jobs openings, the number of openings is around 80,000 openings. Based on my experience, in California, the salary average for Java developers is easily $140,000. Specifically, in Bay Area, California, the salary average is even higher with some top senior software engineer easily makes around $200,000 or higher (combined salary and stock options).

In US, 11 out of 50 best jobs in 2021 are software engineering jobs with total job openings around 80,000. Software Engineering jobs comes in many titles depending on their specialties. All jobs listed below can be categorized as Software Engineering Jobs.

2021 Software Engineers Jobs according to
RankJob TitleMedia Base SalaryJob SatisfactionJob Openings
1Java Developer$90,8304.2/510,103
2Data Scientist$113,7364.1/55,971
5Devops Engineers$110,7364.0/56,904
6Information Security Engineer$110,0004.0/55,621
8Mobile Engineer$94,0004.1/54,631
9Software Engineer$110,2453.8/540,564
11Front End Engineer$81,3604.0/56,978
14Salesforce Developer$89,0984.2/53,346
15Automation Engineer$86,4454.1/54,123
16Backend Engineer$90,7574.3/53,001
17Machine Learning Engineer$104,8374.1/52,977
23Cloud Engineer$105,5653.9/55,482
34QA Engineer$85,0004.0/52,654

Above data is extracted from,20.htm

In my experience, as a Java developer myself with 21 years of experience, software engineers generally have a 9 AM to 5 PM job with some overtime periodically. But overall, the job satisfaction is pretty high and stress level is pretty low. This align with the article above. The stress level and frequency of overtime increase when you work in start-up companies. But of course, the reward could also be greater when you work on start-up companies.

Our world nowadays is very much digitized and computerized. Whether we are talking about the Internet, food industries, entertainment, transportation all the way to lightbulb in your room, they are all have some kind of computer software running on it. This is why the demand and number of openings for software engineers frequently rank in the top 5. This is proven by the data from article where there are more than 80,000 software engineers openings.

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