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6 PM – Intro to Python – Allison

January 18 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Today we:
  1. Finished the Robux Shopping Cart project
  2. Reviewed for the Final Test
Project Feedback:
  1. Eden:
    1. Add the text “PEASHOOTER” by using rectangles, circles, and/or polygons
    2. Make some part of your project keep changing colors
    3. Draw the sun in your project
    4. Right now, all of your functions are called only once, which should not happen in your project.
      1. Make sure to call some of your functions more than once (ex: calling the Tree function five times to draw five trees, calling the Bush function three times to draw three bushes, etc.).
      2. Call at least three functions more than once
  1. Eden:
    1. Finish and submit your Turtle Project.
    2. Upload your Turtle Project in the Google Drive as “DAY_TurtleProject_Pt4″
      1. Ex: If you submit your homework on January 20, upload your homework as “Jan20_TurtleProject_Pt4”
    3. Since your project is late, try to submit your project as soon as possible. If you do not submit it by 1/25, 10% of your project grade will be deducted.
    4. Notes:
      1. Your project should not have any significant bugs or problems
      2. Make sure your project meets the criteria listed in this link:
  2. Everyone:
    1. Study for the Final Test (which is next week on Thursday, January 25)
    2. Resources you can study:
      1. Grocery System project
      2. Robux Shopping Cart project
      3. Turtle projects
      4. Other class projects
  3. Contact us at or if you have any questions or need any help.


January 18
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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